Today's Lesson

In our experience we have met 2 types of parents; parents looking for the best school (‘best’ based on a set of criteria predetermined well before they speak to us). And - the other type of parent.  Parents who are determined to find the best school for their child.


If you are the first type of parent, best of luck to you on your search. We are confident you will find an amazing school (as many do exist) and your child may (or may not) bask in their glow of excellence. Unfortunately, excellence does not breed through osmosis. We believe that one rather, should approach selecting their child’s school with a grain of realism. 


Which brings me to the most important question you can ask yourself to launch your search: “What is the best school for my child?”


At Wolff Educational Services we conduct needs assessments that breaks this criteria into 3 selection houses. They are the Social, Emotional and Academic Houses of your child’s success and achievement at school. We have broken these houses into realistic criteria based on actual achievement data (the learning skills) and are written in academic language (reflective of curriculum expectations). Once the assessment is completed, it is simply a matter of matching the results (your child's area of strength and need) with the schools that offer programming in these areas. The equation breeds student success and achievement. Its flawless in its design.


Parents, education today is comprised of these 3 houses working together in unity and harmony. Students must demonstrate learning in all 3 of these areas in order to be successful. The way the curriculum is taught and learned is not inherent of 20th century practices anymore. 21st century classrooms are much more layered in there design and learning platforms are reflective of differentiated instruction, individualized for your child to demonstrate learning and skills. 


Before you begin your school search, know what it is your are looking for. Know what your child's strengths and areas of need are in each area (house) of the learning platforms and how they relate to both the classroom and school. Understand what the classroom does and can do, map the landscape as you would any foreign environment. 


And if you feel like you need an education in all things education before you try and map out a route for your child - call us! We can help - however, we will only find the best school for your child….not necessarily what you think is the best school.


Until Our Next Lesson……


Our First Venture

We are: one family (the Wolff's), two teachers and we wear five hats: mothers; mother in law; daughter in law; bubbie; teachers. 

We, Karen and Ann, (MIL/DIL) don't just love each other because we're family, but we like and respect each other. We often sit over coffee (and if she's lucky, warm, homemade chocolate chip cookies), discussing topics we are both passionate about: children, education and of course, family. Our talks are open and honest, and we often have differing views.  but, what we have in common is our passion for figuring out what makes our students "tick" and that we were both looking for our, "what's next?"                                

Wolff Educational Services was born. 

Here's a bit about us....
I, Ann, worked for York Region District School Board for over 25 years as a Special Education Resource Teacher (SERT). Within that role, I worked with all types of exceptional students and their families. While I always loved my job/career, as my "retirement date" drew closer, I was reminded of a concert I had seen many years ago. My husband and I were in Las Vegas and felt fortunate to get tickets for a Frank Sinatra show (I said it was many years ago!) We spent days anticipating the "master" we were going to see, only to be hugely disappointed. Mr. Sinatra could not remember the lyrics, was out of tune and clearly, was trying to do something he was no longer able to do. That image stayed with me, and I didn't want to be "that teacher," too old to remember the content, too old to learn how to use the ever-present, ever-changing technology and generally out of sync. I wanted to retire while the younger staff still came to seek my advice, when parents continued to call for clarification and assistance and when the students kept coming into my office asking for help. So, I retired, but only from public education, and quickly began thinking about, "What's next?" 

The proverbial 'lightbulb' went off over coffee with my daughter in law, Karen. She works at the Toronto Board of Education, most recently as a Program Leader for Safe and Caring Schools. Although she initially taught history and drama, her natural inclination led her to Special Education and working with "hard to reach" high school students. Her roles, both official and unofficial included: teacher, curriculum leader and social worker. She is a natural.

So, W2 was born. We've pooled our talents and our passions and our experience (over forty years of combined teaching experience) and our expertise. We are beyond excited to be beginning our business and our blogging. Sometimes we agree and sometimes we don't, but that's good. Karen is current and relevant and the mom of two young children.  I have the experience and maturity and am the proud grandmother of four. It was only natural that we combine our collective talents and passions and create: 1.2.5. 

Till our next lesson...