What's New?

Wolff Educational Services is now offering a new on line service to help parents ensure that their child's IEP is working for them at school - An Online Individual Education Plan (IEP) Development/Review!!

We often meet with parents face to face to review their child’s assessment data and ensure that what is needed to be written into the IEP is clearly stated. That the IEP is maximizing students potential for achievement and success.

Now, we are offering this service remotely so parents can submit assessment data and IEP documents online for review! We believe in the importance of this service and want to make it as accessible to all parents as possible.

How does it Work?

Using the most recent assessment data and all relevant achievement data we can help guide the creation of and/or review of the IEP.  An Individual Education Plan is an individualized written plan describing the program and/or services required by a student based on a comprehensive assessment using standardized tools. It is a legal document that describes what a student needs in order to be successful in any learning environment.  We guide the process of creating this document by selecting appropriate academic accommodations/modifications that are strength based while ensuring all socio-emotional needs are identified to optimize your child’s potential for success in the learning environment.

We also review IEP’s that are already in place. This ensures that the IEP clearly aligns with the information provided by the standardized assessment tools and achievement data.