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Who We Are

Ann Wolff


Ann has over 25 years of experience working as an elementary Special Education Resource Teacher (SERT) for the York Region District School Board. She has extensive experience in identifying students’ learning strengths and needs using a variety of standardized assessment tools. Understanding the social/emotional and academic profile of a student is the first step in developing an appropriate learning plan. Ann has written hundreds of Individual Education Plans, and she is an expert in matching the Ontario Curriculum Expectations to every student’s individual learning needs. Ann understands the necessity of gleaning the full picture. 

Ann is a curriculum expert. As a Lead Teacher she has modeled good teaching practices; lead workshops on Academic Assessments and Report Writing; provided Professional Development as a Literacy Coach and supervised and mentored teacher candidates in her role as Adjunct Professor at York University. She has acted as a consultant to classroom teachers to support students in meeting their needs and implementing an IEP. However, it is working with families that she gains the most satisfaction. Her vast experience in advocating, coupled with her strong inter personal and collaborative skills, results in positive outcomes for her students. 

It is Ann’s passion for working with students and their families that led her out of the classroom and into the community at large. Upon retirement from teaching, Ann has focussed her attention on private assessments with a wider range of students. She has increased her scope and works with students from Kindergarten through University. 

Ann is the mother of three adult children and the very proud grandmother of four. She enjoys spending time with her family and sharing “special moments” with them.

Karen Wolff


Karen began her career as a high school Drama, History and Special Education teacher and has worked in classrooms throughout the Toronto District School Board. She has always been passionate about creating opportunities for disengaged students with varied learning needs. 

Karen is a gifted curriculum designer who has created numerous accommodated curriculums based on ministry expectations to promote student success and achievement. Karen has extensive skills in providing accommodations and modifications to best suit her students' social, emotional and academic needs. 

Karen served as the Curriculum Leader of Achievement for Caring and Safe Schools in the TDSB. She has written countless IEP’s for her students and has trained teachers in the IEP development and implementation process. Karen believes that student success and achievement can be promoted by accurate results derived from standardized academic assessments and psycho-educational assessments, supported by an IEP that realizes these results and recommendations. She also believes that no student can be successful without a harmonious blend of being in the right academic, social and emotional learning environment.

Karen is also an educational writer who has authored many study guides, articles and webinars on a variety of topics pertaining to education. She created a media arts program for girls in partnership with the Toronto District School Board and has started empowerment and social skills groups for teenagers. Karen has also spoken and presented on topics such as: “How to Find the Best School For Your Child” “Social, Emotional and Academic Intelligence” and “Making Classrooms Work for Every Child”.

Karen is married and has two amazing children. When she is not working - she can be spotted cheering for her son in a hockey arena or for her daughter in a dance studio. 

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