What We Do

What We Do

At E2 we conduct educational assessments that measure your child’s academic achievement. As qualified educational consultants we will analyze your child’s academic history, listen to your concerns, assess your child and provide you with a complete report including a comprehensive list of recommendations. We use the most up to date, standardized assessment tools.

At E2 we have developed the Individual Student Profile (ISP). This profile is created specifically for and about your child. Our goal is provide to you with the most clear and concise information as it relates to your child’s academic achievement. This plan can be shared with the school to assist with present and future academic planning.

The ISP process is simple yet, thorough. We begin with a parent consultation where we listen to your concerns. At this consultation you will be asked to provide us with as much documentation as possible including report cards, assessments, notes and observations. Based on this data and your concerns, we will conduct the assessment using the most appropriate tools. The final step is a complete report including a comprehensive list of recommendations.

We firmly believe that all children can be successful when the expectations are realistic. We will work with you every step of the way to ensure your child has the proper academic program in place to produce positive results.

Let us partner with you to develop an academic profile of your child, so they may begin to become lifelong learners today.